Our nurses are the faces behind our virtual care solutions and we asked them to share their most memorable patient stores.

Virtual care is more than delivering healthcare services with technology. It is about connecting real care teams to people who need it most.

At a time when many people are avoiding in-person office visits, virtual care offers them hope. They do not have to forgo their health. And, they do not have to face their conditions alone.

In fact, when people have the chance to work with a virtual care team, they often find it just as meaningful as a face-to-face appointment. How?

When you have a care team that is passionate about building relationships with patients, it makes all the difference. They are not reading a pre-printed piece of paper with generic advice to these patients. Instead, they are truly getting to know them.

With each phone call, they are connecting with them to help them navigate their health journey.

They discover the challenges they are facing, and they encourage them with practical steps on how to overcome them. They provide a listening ear and collaborate with them to create tailored care plans that will focus on that person’s needs. And, when they make progress in their health goals, our team cannot help but celebrate alongside them.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our patients do well.

These types of consistent and personalized interactions are combined with informative resources so people can become more involved in their health. We truly believe these types of efforts are what help close the gap between people needing care and not being able to receive it.

At Wellbox, we have a team of experienced registered nurses who do just that. We like to think of them as the faces behind our virtual care solutions and we invite you to meet some of them as they share their most memorable patient stores.

We could not be more grateful for our team at Wellbox. Each day, they reach out to thousands of patients and help deliver the best care to them so they can live healthier happier lives.

These are their stories.


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