December 1, 2020 | Faces of Virtual Care: Angie Antwine

Every day our nearly 100 nurses call thousands of people living with chronic illnesses all over the country.  These are their stories.

Nothing matters more to us than caring for our patients. It is why we do what we do. Without our team of dedicated and experienced registered nurses, we would not have the chance to connect people to services that can change their life for the better.

With every interaction, we strive to truly know our patients. This way, we can offer them personalized care throughout their wellness journey. Why? We believe it makes all the difference.

Angie Antwine, Clinical Supervisor

Can you share a patient story where Wellbox helped save a life?

One of the most impactful patient stories I can remember is when one of my nurses was on the phone with a diabetic patient and the patient lost consciousness while talking to her.

My nurse could hear her breathing, but she was not responding. It was then I called emergency services, which took some time since it was out of state, and another supervisor called the patient’s provider while a third supervisor tried to contact the patient’s sons. Meanwhile, the nurse stayed on the phone to listen to the patient breathing and tried to get her to respond.

Emergency services arrived at the scene and since they were unable to get anyone to open the door because the patient was alone and unresponsive, they had to knock it down.

When they finally got to her, the nurse was able to let them know what happened and they took her to the hospital. When we called later to check on her, we learned she had been in the intensive care unit for two weeks. She spent one week getting her blood sugar regulated and then another being monitored before she could go to rehab.

If we had not been on the phone with her at that time, the patient most likely would have passed and nobody would have known.

This story is the epitome of what Wellbox can do for patients who do not have anybody who can check on them while they are home.


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Our mission has always been to deliver the best care solutions to our patients so they can live healthier and happier lives. Because of our nurses, we can do just that.

We could not be more grateful for our clinical team and their efforts in providing incredible quality care to our patients while also supporting and empowering them in their wellness journey. Their ability to create positive healthcare experiences and offer personalized care, especially during these uncertain times, truly makes a difference. They are the faces of virtual care.


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