Diabetes Resources

Enhancing Diabetic Care Management with Virtual Care Solutions

Wellbox is dedicated to improving outcomes in chronically ill populations. As one of the leading diseases affecting the Medicare population, the impact of diabetes is significant. In fact, 32% of Medicare beneficiaries live with diabetes and are more likely to report worse general health, more inpatient admissions, and higher healthcare costs.

So, how can outcomes improve for this vulnerable population?

With telehealth solutions such as Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management, we’re making a profound, positive impact on diabetes in America.

We can’t do it alone. We achieve this mission by partnering with healthcare providers, like you, to empower and engage these patients in managing their conditions. These partnerships coupled with our solutions enable us to drive superior clinical and financial outcomes.

This page was designed to offer relevant and helpful resources for your practice as you aim to improve outcomes for your diabetic Medicare population. If you would like to learn more about our solutions and how they enhance diabetic care management, contact us today.

Provider Resources for Diabetic Populations

Download our whitepaper today to discover how you can leverage telehealth to better address your diabetic population. You’ll also learn how these solutions can help improve patient engagement while granting providers greater visibility into population health.
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Designed to improve clinical outcomes for diabetic populations, adopting telehealth solutions like Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) can benefit both your practice and patients. How? RPM outcomes include decreasing HbA1c and BMI, increasing patient activation scores, and saving patients' monthly health costs. CCM outcomes include decreasing A1c levels and saving patients' monthly health costs.

Outcomes Report: Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center

Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center, a community-based medical, dental, and behavioral FQHC located in Hancock, Michigan, reported that Wellbox patients exhibited 117% the rate of engagement in comprehensive diabetes care and, as a result, had 23% fewer patients with an A1c of >9. Read more about it here.