August 27, 2020 | Michigan FQHC Reports Positive Outcomes with Wellbox

Driving positive outcomes for Medicare populations isn’t easy but partnering with an experienced population health solutions provider can help. At Wellbox, our unique approach emphasizes avoiding disruption to the practice while maximizing results.

With easy-to-use and easy-to-implement options, telehealth lends itself to successfully helping patients manage their conditions and enjoy a better quality of life. It can also drive measurable financial and clinical outcomes.

How do we know? We are proud to share how our virtual care programs have done just that for our practice partners. One example is Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center, a community-based medical, dental, and behavioral FQHC located in Hancock, Michigan.

After partnering with Wellbox to offer its Chronic Care Management (CCM) solution, Upper Great Lakes has seen a documented impact within its patient population, specifically its diabetic Medicare population. It has seen these outcomes:

Increased Patient Engagement

Wellbox patients exhibited 117% the rate of engagement in comprehensive diabetes care.

Decreased Hemoglobin Levels

12% of Wellbox Diabetes patients had an A1c level of less than 9 compared to 21% of diabetic patients in the full Medicare Population at Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center.

More Preventative Care

This same practice also saw an increased rate of preventative care screenings among Wellbox participants.

After partnering with Wellbox to offer its CCM solution, Upper Great Lakes reports positive outcomes within its diabetic Medicare population.

What does it mean? Wellbox patients manage their chronic conditions better.


How do we do it?

With 81% of physicians describing themselves as overextended or at full capacity, introducing new programs in-house can seem like an insurmountable challenge. Wellbox understands this and makes implementing population health solutions easy for practices so they can focus on their patients’ care.

As the first and only service provider to offer a true end-to-end solution for Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring, Wellbox helps minimize barriers for adoption from enrollment to revenue cycle management. And, when done properly, both programs can increase patient engagement and satisfaction, which leads to more patients getting the timely care they need when they need it.

Our approach includes:

Would you like to learn more about how the Wellbox can deliver measurable financial and clinical results for your practice? Contact us today to learn more about our virtual care solutions and their positive impact on population health.


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