CCM for Healthcare Systems

Increasing Patient Engagement with Chronic Care Management

According to a recent industry analysis, the chronically ill patient population accounted for 60% of all emergency room visits. Of those visits 30% were most likely preventable. Experts agree that increasing patient engagement and interaction with preventative care measures could decrease, or even eliminate, unnecessary emergency room visits, saving the healthcare system a potential $8.3 billion in costs.

Wellbox partners with healthcare systems and providers to deliver high-quality care management services to the community. By engaging patients with chronic conditions proactively and working with them to manage their care, we can increase participation in preventative care by 50% and decrease emergency and in-patient visits by up to 70%.

A recent assessment, conducted by a third party specialist, indicated that the Wellbox program decreases healthcare costs by an average of 10-15%

Wellbox engages third party data analysts to review its clinical and financial impact. Recents results have included:

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