About Us

Creating Positive Healthcare Experiences

Wellbox was founded in 2015 as a solution to healthcare providers who wanted to provide Chronic Care Management services to their Medicare populations but did not have the time or resources to implement those services in-house.

In just the past 24 months, Wellbox has performed over 250,000 CCM visits for people living with chronic illness across the nation and expanded its services into new markets – including provider directed care management, and employee care management for self-funded employers.

As the clear market leader in care management for chronic disease, we have a level of experience under our belts that no other CCM provider can offer and the clinical and financial outcomes to prove it.

We believe that by empowering people to take a more active role in their long-term health we can help them live longer, healthier lives. Working together, we can all do well.

Why Wellbox?

Wellbox programs have had a measurable influence on key wellness metrics,
including PBPM costs, participation in preventative care measures, and hospitalizations.
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“I founded Wellbox with the express belief that we could make a positive impact on the people who need it most, by helping providers and patients alike manage chronic illness.” Nat Findlay, CEO and Founder

Meet the Leadership Team

We are a group of wellness enthusiasts with deep expertise in healthcare and technology.
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