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Improving Health Outcomes: Prevalent Chronic Disease Resources

Chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease are greatly influenced by lifestyle choices and habits. Yet, when patients embrace healthier behaviors, they can often manage and even improve their illness.

Virtual care empowers patients to make these positive changes.

In the last six years, Wellbox has delivered care to more than 75,000 patients, conducted over 400,000 billable interactions, and worked with more than 50 chronic disease states.

With virtual care services such as Remote Patient Monitoring, Care Management, and Annual Wellness Visits, we’re delivering quality care while maximizing results for our partners. We do this by empowering patients in their self-management, which leads to improved clinical and financial outcomes.

This page was designed to offer relevant and helpful resources for your organization as you aim to improve outcomes for patients living with heart disease, lung disease, and diabetes. Contact us today to see how our solutions enhance population health.

Provider Resources

Our latest whitepaper is now available! Within it, we discuss how virtual care benefits patients with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and lung disease and leads to improved clinical outcomes.
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Implementing a wide range of preventative care solutions for your patient population can help deliver care to the ones who will most benefit from them. They can also benefit your organization by reducing the total cost of care, improving the quality of care, and driving proven clinical outcomes. Some examples include Remote Patient Monitoring, Annual Wellness Visits, and Care Management.

Helping Patients Reach Health Goals

After our nurses interacted with a patient who lives with COPD, they found her goal was to spend less time using her supplemental oxygen. Our team then developed a plan with her by discussing what her triggers for COPD were, what weather situations she needed to avoid, and how to become compliant with her medication. After participating in pulmonary therapy, taking rest periods, and grouping her activities, she found herself rarely using supplemental oxygen.