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Leveraging Valuable Strategies to Promote Patient Health

What cultivates a better patient care experience?

We believe it depends on empowering patients in their healthcare decisions.

In fact, when healthcare organizations employ strategies designed to motivate patients in their health journeys, they often achieve greater outcomes.

This approach can include coordinated care teams leveraging tactics such as active listening, shared decision-making, self-management support and education. Additionally, they can also minimize barriers to quality care and deliver it consistently, leading to healthier patient populations.

These values resonate with us, and they are why we pursue them with every patient interaction.

This way, we can keep making a profound, positive impact on chronic illness while helping our patients live healthier and happier lives.

If your organization celebrates these types of strategies in its everyday care delivery, this page was designed for you. Within it, we gathered our most relevant, helpful, and informative resources about these approaches and how they effectively engage patients in their long-term health.

We also rounded up some articles that could be helpful to your patients that can be found here. Feel free to share them!

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Our Best Ideas for Promoting Patient Health

Adopting virtual care can effectively address prevalent chronic diseases and promote patient health. This is because virtual care’s framework offers multiple strategies to drive better outcomes.
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“I don’t see my doctor often, so it’s been great for me to have an additional resource checking in. I have a lot going on, but the nurse was able to show me some things I could do for stress and medication management that have been really helpful.” – Patient since 2017

Pursuing Improved Population Health

"Our patients are much less inclined to sit on the sidelines and passively receive medical care. They are much more likely to get flu shots and immunizations. Wellbox helps me keep my patients healthier in-between office visits and improves the quality and depth of in-office visits I conduct.” – Dr. Peter Weigel, Medical Associates of Westfield