We hand-picked multiple resources you can share with your patients as they discover how virtual care can benefit them in their health.

Empowering Patients Every Day with Virtual Care

We strive to create positive healthcare experiences. This way, our patients feel empowered to make healthier choices in their every day. One way we achieve this is by offering our patients ways to learn more about their health and wellness. That’s why we are happy to share our best patient resources with you. Feel free to share these articles with your patients as they discover how virtual care can benefit their long-term health.


8 Questions You Should Ask About RPM Before Enrolling

Are your patients wondering about the benefits of a Remote Patient Monitoring program and how it can help them better manage their health? Read answers to the most common questions we receive about it.


9 Ways to Manage Diabetes Successfully

Patients living with diabetes can find it challenging when adjusting to new behaviors as they learn to better manage their condition. In this blog, we outline some tips they may find helpful when managing diabetes.


An Introduction to Annual Wellness Visits

If your patients are wondering if they should start getting Annual Wellness Visits, this blog can help determine if they would be a good fit for them.


11 Questions You Should Ask About CCM Before Enrolling

Do your patients have a few questions about what to expect from their Chronic Care Management program once they sign up? We outlined some questions any patient should ask about their enrollment in this blog. Check out the answers here.


6 Ways Virtual Care Can Help Improve Your Heart Health

If you are recommending a virtual care program for your cardiac patients, this blog outlines a few ways these programs can help improve their heart health.