Wellbox, a population health company focused on improving outcomes in chronically ill populations, is excited to announce the appointment of A.R. Weiler as its new Chief Executive Officer.  With two decades of leadership experience and a proven track record in building and scaling healthcare companies, Weiler is well positioned to help lead the transformational growth and innovation currently underway at Wellbox. Prior to joining Wellbox, Weiler spearheaded transformative initiatives at several renowned organizations, consistently delivering outstanding results and propelling companies to new heights of success.


“After bringing multiple enterprise health systems onto its platform in 2023, Wellbox is at a critical turning point in its growth and requires the strong leadership that A.R. brings to bear,” said Wellbox Board Chairman Joe Schiesl. “Weiler’s appointment marks a significant milestone in Wellbox’s journey toward revolutionizing the healthcare industry. His strategic vision and leadership acumen are expected to accelerate Wellbox’s growth trajectory, driving value for customers, partners, and investors alike.”


“I am honored to join Wellbox as CEO during such an exciting phase of growth and innovation,” said A.R. Weiler. “Wellbox is uniquely positioned to make a significant impact on healthcare delivery, and I am excited to lead the team in realizing our mission of empowering individuals and communities to achieve optimal health outcomes.”


“We are thrilled to welcome A.R. Weiler to the Wellbox team and to reaffirm our commitment to the company’s mission and vision,” commented Tee Green, Chairman and CEO of 121G, a Wellbox investor.  “Under A.R.’s leadership, we are confident that the company will continue to drive positive change in the healthcare landscape, delivering value to all stakeholders.”


With Weiler at the helm, Wellbox is poised for a period of sustained growth and innovation. The company remains steadfast in its dedication to empowering individuals with chronic conditions and healthcare providers with transformative solutions that enhance access, affordability, and quality of care.

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