February 28, 2022 | How to Raise Wellness – and Keep Your Home Tidy in the Process

Life is filled with stressful situations you can’t always fix. However, you do have control over your home space. If you are constantly feeling grouchy or anxious while at home, consider whether the space you are occupying has any bearing on this. If your house is cluttered and disorganized, or you’re having trouble keeping things clean, this can have a negative effect on your mood and even on your general health and wellness. So, if you can figure out easy ways to keep your home neat, clean, and organized, this can make a real difference for your mindset and well-being.

Wellbox offers the following tips to get you started on the right path to wellness.

How a messy home messes up your life.

Living in the midst of clutter isn’t just an aesthetic issue. Having a messy house can carry real health risks. Damp areas that don’t get airflow can become breeding grounds for mold, which can actually make you sick. Or, cluttered spaces build up dust, which attracts dust mites. A messy home also puts you at risk of an accident. On top of this, clutter can create a constant sensory overload, which leads to amped-up stress and anxiety. It’s hard to relax in a messy space. It’s also hard to find things, so one may waste time hunting through messes, getting increasingly frustrated about tasks that need to be done.

Deal with clutter first.

Decluttering your home is the first step towards making it a more relaxing space. This may feel like an insurmountable task, but taking it bit by bit will make it easier. Start small, with one room or corner of your home. Use a big contractor-size trash bag, or a box, to discard old items that no one could possibly want, such as magazines and old toiletries. Then use another box to collect items that you could donate to charity or to a thrift store, such as books, usable clothing, or kitchen items. Make use of storage solutions such as cabinets with doors, or boxes that fit under beds, to keep items you do need from creating visual clutter.

Learn to clean as you go.

If you’re a person who hates cleaning, and dreads a big cleaning day, the solution – paradoxically – is to clean as you go. Putting away a stack of papers or wiping down a countertop only takes a few minutes and doesn’t feel like a huge imposition. When cooking meals, make a habit of cleaning up dishes and surfaces as you use them. When changing clothes, put them away or into the laundry immediately, so you don’t end up with a dirty pile-up. Do a load of laundry a day, too, so this job doesn’t become overwhelming.

Don’t succumb to buying impulses.

One reason our homes get cluttered is simply that we have too much stuff. And if you’re continuing to accumulate possessions, getting rid of old things or junk won’t seem to make much of a difference. There are many reasons why people make impulse purchases, including as a way of asserting control or feeling good. So try to find other ways of increasing your positivity that don’t involve retail therapy. Avoid going shopping unless you really need to, and when you go, make a list so you won’t get distracted. Setting a buying budget can also help. And when online shopping, let items sit in your cart for at least a day, so you can be sure you really want to spend that money.

Add some art.

One indulgence you can consider, though, is adding a little artwork to spruce up your place. That can take the form of paintings, framed posters, or gorgeous gemstones. Framed photographs count, as well. These items add some personality to your home and allow you to express yourself, both of which will aid in cultivating wellness and reducing stress.

Deep-clean when needed.

If you’ve tidied up and your house still looks grimy or doesn’t smell fresh, you may need a more radical solution. If your home is carpeted, consider having your carpet cleaned or even removed. Check all ventilation systems for mold or dust. One item that is frequently overlooked when you’re cleaning is your upholstery. If your chairs and sofas are soiled or smelly, hiring a furniture cleaning company may be your best bet – and far cheaper than replacing furniture.

Giving your home a refresher can be a huge first step in a happier and healthier lifestyle. Just take it one step at a time. And who knows? You may even decide to take it to the next level and do a total redesign!


Guest Post: Authored by Kimberly Hayes

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