April 28, 2016 | Outsourcing CCM: What You Should Know

A little over a year since its inception, Medicare’s Chronic Care Management program is gaining popularity among physicians and participating patients. Many practices are starting to adopt the program as a tool to increase patient engagement and help older adults better understand their care. While it is possible for practices to provide CCM themselves, a significant amount of time and resources are needed to run the program smoothly. It’s also difficult to achieve ROI that justifies the sizeable investment of hiring and training additional staff.

However, once practices understand the potential impact that CCM can have on their organization, they realize the value of outsourcing CCM to services like Wellbox’s Solution.

The goal of our Wellbox Solution is simple. Provide patients with the best care that they deserve while also reducing the burden on your practice. Wellbox provides an all-inclusive method for tracking and billing for Chronic Care Management. It does this while continuing the great tradition of “above and beyond” service that physicians have long provided to their patients for free.


Featured Resource: The Case for Outsourcing Chronic Care Management

Return On Investment studies show that Chronic Care Management provided by nurses provides the best return. However, substantial time and money are required for practices to implement a CCM program on their own. Off-site teams minimize the required investment while maintaining the desired quality of care.


The Value in Outsourcing CCM

Roughly 15% of most physicians’ patients are eligible for CCM enrollment. This represents an enormous opportunity to enhance the care of these at-risk individuals.

Staffed with trained and certified medical professionals, the Wellbox Chronic Care Coordination Center helps Medicare patients successfully follow their treatment plans. They also make sure they’re taking medications on time while providing them with the highest level of care support possible. Chronic Care Coordinators are not only trained to provide high-quality health coaching, but they also connect patients with meaningful resources. These resources enhance their ability to achieve specific health goals.


Outsourcing CCM provides a meaningful partnership between the patient, the provider, and the care team.

Collectively, they work towards improving care while documenting the process all within the provider’s EHR.

Via these monthly check-ins, certified medical professionals inform the provider and the care team in the office of any changes in clinical status. They also provide the opportunity for early intervention in an outpatient setting. This way they can avoid costly alternatives such as the emergency room or hospitalization.

By establishing a meaningful partnership between the practice staff and Wellbox, patients receive ongoing care and guidance on how to improve their health. This happens even after they leave the provider’s office. At its core, Wellbox is meant to be a transparent extension of your practice. It also acts as another way for patients to receive the optimum care they receive in the office.

One of the basic tenets of the Wellbox philosophy is that relationships are at the heart of high-quality care. To ensure this, the Wellbox Care Team receives specialized training in behavioral and motivational interviewing. This way, patients feel that they are actively engaged in their care. Paired with a dedicated care team member when they enter the program, patients continue to build their plan of care. They are also building a meaningful relationship with their Care Coordinator.

All in all, the CCM Program provides patients with in-depth and personalized care. They receive the care they normally wouldn’t from yearly checkups or costly emergency room visits. At its core, Wellbox is meant to allow your practice to outsource CCM the way that Medicare intended. It’s a program that creates the opportunity to do more for your patients. It also helps them gain confidence in the care and trusted treatment plan.


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