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About Us

Time to Think Inside the Wellbox

Wellbox provides care management services such as: Chronic Care Management, Annual Wellness Visits and Telemedicine to practices and physicians, allowing them to easily offer a wider variety of in-demand services to their patients, and increasing their gross revenue in the process.

At the heart of Wellbox is our people. Our Care Coordinators get to know your patients and act as an extension to your practice. The personalized care is what sets our Chronic Care Management, Annual Wellness Visits and Telemedicine services apart from the rest. Wellbox’s suite of services improves the experience for both providers and patients. They provide practices with the resources needed to be reimbursed for the additional care offered and allow physicians and patients to engage efficiently and conveniently.

Wellbox focuses on solutions that help physicians practice better and earn the revenue they deserve.

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Meet our Leadership Team

An expert team of practitioners, technologists and managers with deep experience across the North American healthcare industry.


Nathanial B. Findlay
Chief Executive Officer


Patrick R. Stevenson
Vice President, Operations

About Wellbox

A Healthcare Future Driven by Thriving, Independent Practices.

In the upside-down economics of the current healthcare environment, independent physicians are being asked to lead the charge to patient engagement, preventive care and lower costs. That’s why we want to make sure doctors are getting reimbursed for the care they give and develop meaningful relationships with their patients through all of Wellbox’s services: Chronic Care Management, Annual Wellness Visits and Telemedicine.

Our vision is that independent physicians earn the compensation they deserve, so they can focus on caring for their patients and allow their practice to thrive in the healthcare future.

Our mission is to make that possible. Wellbox offers practices and physicians the resources needed to provide additional services to their patients and get reimbursed for the great care they have always provided. Our services allow doctors to build stronger patient relationships with the help of designated care coordinators and increase their revenue, without needing to change the way they run their practice.