September 12, 2019 | The Positive Impact of CCM: For Patients

Dealing with chronic illness presents unique challenges for healthcare providers and patients alike. This blog series highlights the clinical and financial impacts CCM can have for everyone in the healthcare ecosystem including patients.

People living with long-term, or chronic, health conditions have a lot to juggle! For many patients, factors like multiple providers, medications, and an increase in potential risks and complications adds unnecessary stress to their day-to-day lives. At Wellbox, we believe everyone has the right to do well, live well, and be well. We have made it our mission to provide people living with chronic conditions the resources they need to achieve that goal!  In addition to proven financial and clinical outcomes, Wellbox participants consistently report a 90%+ satisfaction rate with the service.  We’ve compiled some of our most impactful patient stories below to show you why!

The Skyrocketing costs of prescription medication is a primary driver for medication compliance issues. 

We often encounter patients who have a difficult time paying for their prescriptions.  One example is a patient who was paying $900 for their diabetes medication. With costs like that, it’s no wonder patients have a difficult time taking their medications as prescribed! A Wellbox nurse identified the issue, researched pricing at all surrounding pharmacies, and identified the same prescription available for $150 – a savings of $750!

Nearly 20% of Medicare patients were readmitted to hospitals within 30 days of their release. 

Reducing hospital readmissions, especially unnecessary ones, is a key objective for the healthcare system.  More frequent touchpoints help patients help prevent hospital admissions and readmissions.  We recently contacted a woman discharged from the hospital with fluid in her lungs.  Her recent hospital stay made her ineligible for a CCM visit with our nurse that month but it was apparent to the nurse when they spoke that the patients’ condition was worsening.  The nurse was able to phone the doctor and get her into the practice that day for a follow-up.  Had her condition progressed for a few more days she would have been readmitted to the hospital.

Sometimes it’s just about being in the right place at the right time. 

We have had nurses call people for their monthly CCM encounters and found the patient experiencing a true emergency.  One of the most harrowing was a patient who slipped into a diabetic coma while speaking with their nurse.  The nurse had noted inconsistencies in behavior during the beginning of the call and knew that the patient lived alone. As soon as it was clear the patient was truly experiencing an emergency, the nurse alerted their supervisor who provided information to emergency services while the nurse stayed on the line with the patient.  The patient was able to get the care that they needed quickly.  When following up with the patient, we learned that the patients’ children had just been to visit and were not scheduled to check in on her for another 3-5 days.  CCM can truly save lives!

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