September 12, 2019 | The Positive Impact of CCM: For Employers

Dealing with chronic illness presents unique challenges for healthcare providers and patients alike. Part IV of this blog series highlights the impact a CCM-style program can have on employers with employees living with chronic diseases.

The cost of healthcare has been steadily increasing for both companies and employees for the past six years, climbing by 5% in 2019 and predicted to increase an additional 6% in 2020. As the cost of insurance-based coverage continues to rise, companies are searching for new ways to control costs while providing quality healthcare to its employees.

The majority of workplace wellness programs in the market today take a superficial approach to wellness: Addressing general wellness within an entire population. The reality is, employees living with long-term health concerns and chronic illnesses account for the vast majority of cost.  Wellbox can help those employees better manage their conditions.

CDM In Practice

We recently worked with an Atlanta-based medical transportation company to implement a Chronic Disease Management program.  Over the course of six months, Wellbox was able to decrease the average monthly healthcare claim cost per participating employee by 97% and keep the chronic disease population costs below the “healthy” population costs consistently over time.

The participating employees loved the program, with 95% of participants engaged on a monthly basis – interacting with a dedicated nurse via phone, email and an app messaging platform.  By focusing on the employees who will benefit most, Wellbox nurses are able to have an impact beyond what you get from a typical health and wellness program.

Learn more about this unique CCM-style program for employers.


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