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Webinar: Supporting Outcomes and Quality Measure Reporting for FQHCs

 Federally qualified health centers are a vital component of our health care system yet, according to one recent study, nearly half are operating with negative margins. While all health care providers would likely benefit from improvements to its IT infrastructure, more staffing resources, a deeper understanding of regulatory and compliance environment, and the ability to maximize revenue to succeed, FQHCs don’t always have the time and resources to invest in these areas.

Wellbox can help FQHCs close care gaps, significantly improve quality measures, and maximize revenue. Acting as an extension of the in-office staff, Wellbox provides patients with convenient access to care in between their office visits – driving increased engagement, satisfaction and outcomes. In these challenging times, good help is hard to find (and keep), the Wellbox team has the experience needed to help.

In this webinar, Jessica Egger, Director of Clinical Services at Wellbox, will discuss the impact care management can have on improving quality measures.

You’ll also discover how:

  • Which quality measures care management directly and indirectly impacts
  • Welbox maintains an 80%+ monthly engagement rate
  • Wellbox keeps patients engaged 2x longer in virtual care than Medicare’s reported average

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