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Improving Heart Health with Virtual Care

Improving Cardiovascular Disease Management for Medicare Patients

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. With more than 42% of Medicare beneficiaries living with at least one heart condition, this population is greatly impacted.

Yet it does not have to be.

We know helping your patients fight heart disease is not easy, especially when many are still avoiding traditional office visits. If you are focused on improving clinical outcomes for your Medicare cardiac patients, virtual care solutions can help.

Designed to deliver quality care while maximizing results, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Care Management are telehealth options that can help your practice achieve improved cardiac outcomes. They can also help patients enjoy a better quality of life by helping them better manage their conditions and cardiac health from the comfort of their homes.

In fact, patients who enroll in these programs benefit from their unique approaches of consistent outreach, resources, and coaching in addition to their personalized care plans. Studies show that as patients became more engaged in their health in these programs, providers have seen outcomes such as reduced hypertension and readmissions as well as improved medication adherence and engagement.

These studies also show that connecting with an experienced population health solutions provider can make all the difference. This way, together, a significant positive impact can be made on chronic cardiovascular disease.

In just the last five years, Wellbox has delivered care to more than 26,000 patients with chronic cardiovascular conditions with its solutions. Among the numerous clinical outcomes achieved for its partners, a recent patient story demonstrates the impact of its solutions.

Recently, our clinical team had a patient enrolled in the RPM program who has hypertensive heart disease with heart failure and whose blood pressures were consistently elevated. The RPM device recognized the high blood pressure levels and allowed our team to alert her provider of the risk and intervene quickly by changing her medication. If she had not been enrolled in the program, the patient’s blood pressure would have gone unnoticed and could have resulted in additional health complications.


Download our whitepaper to discover how connecting cardiac patients to virtual care solutions can help empower them in their self-management and ultimately, lead to better outcomes.


You will also learn how these solutions can help:

  • Reduce key risk factors for heart disease
  • Offer early detection of health concerns and clinical visibility
  • Extend patient access to care and improve patient compliance


This is what one of our practice partners had to say:

“Wellbox is the all-in-one solution that increased my revenue through better care, engagement, and quality of outcomes for my patients.” – Elizabeth J Beautyman, M.D.

Download our whitepaper to discover how connecting cardiac patients to virtual care solutions can improve their heart health and lead to better outcomes.