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6 Challenges Remote Patient Monitoring Helps Practices Overcome

Rising hospitalizations, healthcare spending, and patient disengagement are just a few of the challenges that practices face every day. A common connection when tackling these challenges is the effort to make a positive impact on chronic illness.

Known as one of the leading causes of deaths and disability in America, especially among the Medicare population, chronic illnesses are also often behind high healthcare costs and low patient satisfaction. In fact, more than 90% of healthcare costs come from treating chronic conditions. Consequently, these high costs are often driven by hospital-based care or emergency room visits.


Implementing a Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program can help overcome these challenges.


RPM is a technology that monitors patients’ health and vitals in real-time to provide better data to their providers and care teams. It also assists practices with measuring metrics relevant to their patients’ chronic conditions and care plan goals. These include blood glucose levels, blood pressure, weight, and activity in-between office visits.

Since this preventative virtual care solution offers patients the ability to self-report their health data from the safety of their homes, it can give providers and care teams the accurate and timely information they need to offer value-based care. This is because when visiting their providers a few times a year, it can be easy for patients to forget certain symptoms or problems over time.

RPM gathers the information they may have missed for the time not spent at providers’ offices. This is helpful because the sooner the care team learns of any concerns, the earlier they can intervene in addressing them. This can then lead to patients receiving better care because of it.

Interested in learning more about how Remote Patient Monitoring can positively impact your practice and patients? Check out how this virtual care solution can help tackle challenges by lowering healthcare costs while improving patient engagement and compliance in the infographic below.

Rising hospitalizations and healthcare spending are a few of the challenges that practices face that Remote Patient Monitoring can help.

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