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Chronic Care Management for Patients

Chronic Care Management

The Wellbox Chronic Care Management Services provide patients with enhanced shared decision-making with their physician around their health issues. This program allows for better visibility into available resources and tools surrounding a patient’s chronic conditions.

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Annual Wellness Visits

The Wellbox Annual Wellness Visits Services provide patients with a yearly Personalized Plan of Preventive Services (PPPS) that allow them to address any health issues they may have and be coached in reducing potential health risks.

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Annual Wellness Visits for Patients
Telemedicine Services


With the Wellbox Telemedicine Services, patients have access to quick and easy virtual visits with their provider, increasing their access to care, decreasing their healthcare costs, and taking advantage of a better way to control their health.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

The Wellbox App provides a health coach that monitors nutrition, activity, sleep and more. This helps patients fully comprehend their lifestyle, their health habits and how to adjust or maintain them. The secure messaging aspect delivers contextualized support based on relevant data, taking remote coaching to a new level!

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Remote Patient Monitoring for Patients