Wellbox for Patients

Chronic Care Management

Our CCM services provide you with a dedicated care coordinator that gets to know you, develops a care plan with you and your doctor and contacts you every month to follow up on your care.

icon care coordination

Speak to someone you know every month that closely monitors your health

icon care plans

Take the time to understand your care plan and ask as many questions as you like

icon manage care

Get to know the tools and resources available to you

Obtain this service for free with Medicare and supp insurance

“I believe that they have been very useful in helping to better coordinate my care. In particular, I enjoy being asked how my medical conditions are progressing, as well as how the calls give me the opportunity to express any concerns or thoughts regarding my conditions. I appreciate that the chronic care coordinator takes the time to speak with me and reports everything directly back to my PCP.”
— Patricia, CCM Patient for 9 months

Annual Wellness Visits

Our AWV Services focus on prevention rather than intervention. They are detailed assessments of your current health and risk factors, followed by counseling to help you reduce your risks if necessary.

AWV Billing handled

Are completely free for patients

icon care plans

Include a Personalized Plan of Preventive Services and when to receive them

Health risk reduction counseling and preventive services reviewing for the upcoming year

Center around coaching you in reducing potential health risks

icon trained care professionals

Do not include a physical exam


Our Telemedicine services allow you to quickly connect with your physician at the touch of a button, from anywhere.

Access the virtual medical center on an easy-to-use platform

Improve access to care

Connect where and when it is convenient for you

Reduce need to go to the ER

Reduce the need to go to the ER and your wait time significantly

Decreased Health Cost

Benefit from Medicare reimbursements

Remote Patient Monitoring

An engagement and sustainability workflow technology that standardizes lifestyle and chronic disease management through a leading-edge application of behavioral science and remote coaching.

Supports 100+ widely used mobile health apps and devices

Tracks patient data intelligently to ensure standard of care is upheld

Leverages leading consumer technologies

Delivers contextualized support through secure messaging

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