May 8, 2018 | National Nurses Week: Q&A with Wellbox Clinical Manager Angie

Today kicks off National Nurses Week, a time to celebrate the crucial role nurses play in promoting the health of the nation.

In an effort to showcase the nursing leaders on our team, we spoke with Clinical Manager Angie Antwine. She shared what an average day for a Wellbox Chronic Care Coordinator (CCC-RN) looks like. Angie also explains how our nurses help patients stay happy and healthy in their own homes.

What type of nursing experience did you have before Wellbox? Is this similar to other Wellbox nurses?

I worked as an RN in Med-Surg, Step Down and Admissions Department of the hospital. I also have worked in Home Health and as Home Health Supervisor. Most of our nurses have a Med-Surg, ICU, ER, and Home Health backgrounds. They come from different backgrounds, but those listed are the majority that do well with our company.

What does a typical day look like for a nurse at Wellbox?

Our full-time nurses generally have a panel of patients to contact on a monthly basis. Most of our nurses work with more than one provider, but we give them only one when they first start with us as we believe it’s incredibly important to build relationships within these care teams. Further, our nurses are able to self manage their time and set their own schedule, which helps improve job satisfaction.

When I was a CCC-Nurse (Chronic Care Coordinator), I started my day by doing chart reviews on the patients I planned on calling and started trying to contact them around 9 am in the patient’s time zone. I would then chart the patient after the phone call and input this information in the provider’s EHR. For the modules that do not require a phone call, I reviewed the chart and completed the module one at a time.


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Can you provide some examples of the type of care your nurses provide?

Our nurses provide preventative health, disease, and medication education, while simultaneously keeping their doctor up to date on what is happening with the patient. For example, one of our nurses called her patient for her monthly call, and the patient lost consciousness while they were talking. The nurse was able to still hear her patient breathing, so she stayed on the phone and called the supervisor on her cell phone.

From there, the supervisors tried calling the patient’s sons and the doctor’s office. We could not reach the sons but did reach the practice, which instructed us to call 911. We called 911 for the patient and our nurse stayed on the phone until the EMTs broke down her door to begin medical assistance. They then picked up the patient’s phone to tell our nurse they were there.

Soon after, the sons were finally reached and they met their mother at the hospital. The patient ended up in ICU for 1 1/2 weeks and was transferred to rehab after being discharged, where she started the recovery process.

What type of feedback have nurses given about the experience of being a “telehealth” nurse?

Our nurses, including the Clinical Managers, love what we do. As a CCC-RN, it is wonderful to be able to focus your entire attention on one patient at a time and speak with individuals who want our help.

It is a rewarding and gratifying job and our patients appreciate the time we take to listen to them. As a Clinical Manager, we find it rewarding helping our nurses provide optimal patient care and enjoy communicating with them on a daily basis.

As we celebrate National Nurses Week, do you have any advice for nurses graduating now as they enter the field?

I would advise them to make sure they do their one year of Medical Surgical at a hospital. Doing so opens up so many other job opportunities in the future. In the end, nursing is a job that is like no other. We use our body, brain and emotions to help people when they need it the most. Welcome to the family, Nursing Grads!

We’re grateful for our nurses all year long but especially enjoy celebrating them during National Nurses Week. Learn more about joining the Wellbox nursing team on our website.


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