March 4, 2021 | International Women’s Day Spotlight: Jessica Egger

This article is part of a blog series celebrating International Women’s Day and highlighting the incredible female members of our executive leadership team. Within it, they share insights about their own careers and what it means to them to make an impact in their positions. We could not be more grateful for their dedication and passion for making Wellbox even better.


Jessica Egger, Director of Clinical Services

Jessica has more than 15 years of experience as a clinical nurse administrator. Her experience and dedication to population health have helped her continue the development and management of Wellbox’s clinical services and expand the team. Before joining Wellbox, Jessica was a clinical staff manager for ENT Specialists of North Florida, where she provided operational and clinical oversite and managed staff education, certification, and licensing.


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How does your work positively impact women in the healthcare industry?

I think any time there is a woman in a leadership position, it positively impacts women. It demonstrates that gender equality is not only possible but attainable.

I would like to think that what I am doing today impacts the women I work with because I understand their lives! I am not just the Director. I am also a fellow nurse, a wife, and a mom. I understand that life happens, and I can relate to my team. I also encourage them to reach out and connect with me and their teammates.

With that said, we work in healthcare and that term encompasses the body, mind, and soul. In my position, I have the unique privilege of overseeing a phenomenal team that is committed to addressing each of those basic human needs.


How do you keep your team motivated despite conflicts and obstacles?

Communication is key! I think the more I let my team know about what is going on in my world, the more they feel invested in its success. I also have an open-door policy, and I extend it to everyone, even if they are not directly on my team.


What are some traits you think great leaders possess?

I think great leaders exhibit traits such as thinking positively, having the courage to admit they do not know everything, and being able to delegate. Most importantly, though, I believe they practice gratitude.

I have a quote that I often read and reflect on that reminds me to be grateful. It is at the bottom of all my emails: “Always remember that leadership is a privilege. When you are in a leadership role, your influence may affect the trajectory of people’s careers and possibly their lives.”


What do you think will be the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you?

I think that as the world becomes more innovative, women will be faced with even more “working-mother guilt”. As women, we tend to think we have to do it all: We are a wife, mom, daughter, coach, cook, housekeeper, employee, etc.

We place an unbelievable amount of pressure on ourselves. As great at multitasking as we are, we CAN’T do it all, at least not well anyway! We need to support each other and let other women know they do not have to give up one dream to have the other.

I am guilty of this myself! There are days I do not see my kids at all, but it is a learning opportunity for us. I apologize to them for being absent, which shows them empathy. I then prioritize and follow through with the plans I make with them. That teaches them the importance of apologizing, staying committed to your word and plans, and being humble.

I hope to raise children that will view success as much more than just a job title! They will understand everything it takes to earn it.


Why is it important for companies to have women in leadership positions?

I want my daughters to have the same opportunities my sons do. Leadership is a responsibility, and it means working hard for others. While it is wonderful to see women leaders, I worry that holding them up as role models because they are women diminishes from the work they did to get to those positions.

Hard work is what counts, and that is what I would like to see recognized more than whether the worker is a woman or a man.


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We could not be happier to have Jessica leading our clinical team. Without her dedication and passion to Wellbox’s mission of seeing people living healthier and happier lives, we would not see as many positive results for both our patients and our practice partners as we do. Thank you for everything you do Jessica!

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