August 2, 2016 | mHealth Intelligence Spotlights Wellbox Patient Satisfaction Survey

In case you missed it, last week mHealth Intelligence wrote a terrific article discussing our recent Patient Satisfaction Survey related to Medicare’s Chronic Care Management (CCM) Program. The author, Eric Wicklund, describes the positive patient response to our Wellbox CCM service while also discussing the immense potential that the program holds in terms of additional practice revenue and clinical outcomes.

Medicare’s Chronic Care Management (CCM) telehealth program is a hit with patients, according to the first reported patient satisfaction survey conducted since the program was put in place at the beginning of 2015.”

On the provider side of the spectrum, Wicklund further highlights the continued issues that physicians encounter when offering CCM directly from their office, both in terms of practice resources and time spent.

Unfortunately, the current payment policy related to code 99490 represents a one-size-fits-all approach that ignores the fact that different patients will require different levels or intensities of CCM and thus will consume variable amounts of physician work and practice expenses.”

This paragraph encapsulates why Wellbox was created:

To streamline and perfect the CCM process, removing the burden from the physician while delivering enhanced telehealth and key information related to patient management tasks.

By ensuring each patient has a dedicated care coordinator and 24/7 support, Wellbox CCM acts as an extension of the primary-care office and eliminates the many issues associated with offering and managing a CCM program. Whether a patient needs medication support, treatment instructions, or a new wheelchair– Wellbox professionals are readily available and focused on keeping these individuals happy and healthy in their own homes.

As our survey shows, at-risk patients are measurably benefitting from this service – with nearly 90% report being satisfied or very satisfied with the clinical engagement Wellbox CCM provides.

Now is the time to ensure that these patients’ providers are paid commensurately for their efforts in clinical excellence, with Wellbox leading the way as a perfect fit for all those involved in the care continuum.

Head over to mHealth Intelligence to read the full article! Medicare’s CCM Telehealth Program Gets a Bit of Good News


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