July 14, 2017 | CCM Patient Satisfaction Survey: The Results

It’s no secret, patients in the U.S. have their fair share of doctors to choose from. What’s more, when one is convenient at one time, it can be changed for at another time. The convenience is really making its mark in healthcare.

Patient Input

According to a Consumer Report: 75% highly satisfied with their doctors, over 75% of the 49,000 subscribers surveyed said they were “highly satisfied with their doctors.” Nonetheless, there were still a number of complaints from them that ranged from long waiting room times to more serious ones such as ineffective treatments.

Most complaints, such as wait times, are ones that every physician and practice struggle with, but what about ineffective treatments? Physicians and practices need to know about them so they can close the loopholes they might not know exist.

Through patient satisfaction surveys, physicians and practices can keep track of what their patients do and don’t enjoy and distinguish themselves from other practices.

The results of such surveys let practices know if they are lacking resources to properly meet their patients’ needs or if a small minor change could substantially affect patient satisfaction.

It’s also where the convenience of now is becoming more important as it directly contributes to patient satisfaction. For example, implementing telemedicine services could positively affect patient wait-times, increasing satisfaction rates and offering greater flexibility to both physicians and patients.

Services That Value Patient Feedback

With experience in conducting services to patients such as Telemedicine, Chronic Care Management, and Annual Wellness Visits, Wellbox understands the value of patient input. We ensure your patients are truly satisfied with the various programs they partake in.

As an example, here is a patient satisfaction survey we conducted with over 1000 patients in our Chronic Care Management program from May 8th to June 5th, 2017.

  • What is your overall satisfaction with the program?
    92% were satisfied / very satisfied
  • What is your overall satisfaction with your chronic care coordinator?
    93% were satisfied / very satisfied
  • Do you feel more in control of your health?
    70% said yes (an additional 20% said it was too early to tell)
  • Do you feel better connected to your practice and to your provider?
    76% said yes (an additional 20% said it was too early to tell)

As you can see, 93% of the patients our chronic care coordinators talk to on a monthly basis were satisfied or very satisfied with their interactions and review of their healthcare goals and progress.

Some of the testimonies we received are:

‘I like the fact that the CCC takes the time to explain all my health needs and then all the information is sent to me by the mail, it’s nice to have for my records and that all the information is sent to my doctor before my next appt. It keeps me more aware of my health and aware of things I need to do to keep healthy.’

‘I feel if there is something wrong, I have someone to talk to. It addresses that area in between a non-emergency and an emergency’

By ensuring your patients’ needs and concerns are heard, we are able to provide the high standard of care your patients are used to through our services. We can also ensure any unsatisfactory claims are addressed and presented to you the moment they occur. Through detailed notes documented directly in your EHR, we act as an extension of your practice. This ensures patient satisfaction at all levels and closing any gaps that may arise.

Wellbox Chronic Care Management Services

Wellbox CCM services offer physicians and practices with a revenue-generating service that aims to provide patients with the tools and resources to feel more in control of their health.


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