July 24, 2018 | Are you doing everything you can to meet MACRA MIPS?

As the MACRA MIPS transition period dwindles quickly to a close, more doctors are finding it necessary to implement measures that ensure compliance with the requirements.

In 2017, doctors needed just 3 points to avoid a negative payment adjustment. Going forward – it’s going to be much harder to avoid the penalty. This year you need a minimum of 15 points to avoid a penalty and acquiring the resources to help do this is top of mind for many.

The good news is – Wellbox physician partners should be able to meet the 15-pt minimum, with ease! More specifically, the “Improvement Activities” category, worth 15% of the MIPS total score, is covered for those who participate in the Wellbox CCM program.

Here’s how that plays out:

There are 113 potential “Improvement Activities” that a doctor can partake in. To earn full credit – participants must complete 2 – 4 of those activities, depending on how the activity is weighted. (More activities are required for the areas that are weighted as “medium”).

Contact us to learn more about the 17 potential “Improvement Activities” Wellbox CCM can help with.

Meeting MACRA MIPS requirements is important for a few reasons. Of course, by meeting the requirements you are inherently providing high-value, high-quality care to Medicare patients – which is the ultimate goal.

Moreover, it affects your business. Namely, a positive or negative payment will be applied. That amount spans between -5% and +15% – which could have a significant impact upon you and your business. Also, going forward, your data and your score will be made public. Potential patients will be able to check the Physician Compare webpage and take note of how you’re doing. They’ll be able to type in your name and read through a list of “quality activities” that you’ve participated in, as well as performance information and patient survey scores. In the upcoming years, we might expect that more patients will begin to actively seek physicians providing a higher quality of care.

We know that submitting and meeting MACRA MIPS requirements can seem daunting. The submission process itself will require a significant amount of extra resources. At Wellbox we are glad to be a partner in helping you meet the necessary clinical requirements. You’ll notice that our CCM program also strongly ties to quality, cost, and promoting interoperability – with the goal of enabling you to exceed your necessary requirements.

Overall – if we’re meeting the requirements – it means we’re doing well by our patients. Higher quality care inevitably leads to enhanced patient health, which, ultimately is the reason for all that we do.


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