October 23, 2017 | A Look at Medicare’s CCM Program [Infographic]

In January 2015, Medicare set forth the Chronic Care Management program that reimburses physicians for 20 minutes of non face-to-face care every month to patients with two or more chronic conditions.

With over 69% of Medicare patients having 2 or more chronic conditions, the cost of care for patients, physicians and the government is enormous. In fact, the estimated cost of treatment for just the top seven most prevalent chronic diseases is $1.3 trillion.
— Wellbox Whitepaper: New Options in Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management Program

Medicare sees reimbursing physicians an average of $42 per patient per month for this care being less expensive and leading to less costly interventions. This news came as a pleasant surprise to some physicians, as they were now going to be paid for the added care they had always provided. For others, this reimbursement under CPT code 99490 allows them to earn more revenue, while providing an additional service to many of their patients.

However, the program requires trained medical professionals to conduct and document the calls, requiring knowledge of proper documentation and billing for the service. This is why many decide to outsource the service, providing their patients with personalized, additional care for their chronic conditions, while still increasing their revenue year-over-year.

The following infographic depicts Medicare’s CCM program as well as the potential revenue a practice can make each year by outsourcing Chronic Care Management.