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Connect with your patients.
Improve access to care.
Increase your revenue.

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Connect with your patients

Patients are increasingly demanding remote care services.
Through Wellbox’s Telemedicine services, physicians and practices can:

Connect with your patients
  • Connect with their patients through an easy-to-use platform
  • Move towards care convenience
  • Allow their patients to remotely connect with them from anywhere, at any time
  • Facilitate their work and provide their patients what they really want

Improve access to care

Telemedicine services provide a way for physicians to set themselves apart from other doctors by:

  • Offering a user-friendly virtual medical center to their patients
  • Providing patients with better care alternatives
  • Easing access to their care services, keeping and growing their patient list
  • Allowing patients to connect with them from any device at any time
Improve access to care

Increase your revenue

Improving access to care for patients reduces overall costs of care for both doctors and patients by:

Increase your revenue with Telmedicine
  • Reducing the need and costs of going to the emergency room
  • Earning Medicare reimbursements for telemedicine services
  • Providing patient reimbursements

Wellbox Telemedicine Services

HIPAA-Compliant Video

HIPAA-Compliant Video

Wellbox holds security at an utmost importance, providing doctors and patients with HIPAA-compliant video and chat, ensuring security and privacy at all levels.

Easy EHR Integration

Easy Integration

Physicians can document virtual and audio notes directly into a patient’s file, integrating them into any EHR.

Better healthcare collaboration

Better Collaboration

Doctors and patients can easily engage and collaborate together on their health issues from any device, at any time.

Improved Health Outcomes

Improved Health Outcomes

Increased access to care through a virtual medical center leads to better patient-physician engagement and ultimately improves health outcomes.

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Our User Group Community provides physicians and practices with a learning center available at all times and has proven to be an asset for everyone.

Decreased Health Cost

Decreased Health Costs

With easy access to their doctors, patients can eliminate many trips to the ER, decreasing the high costs associated to these visits.

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