"Experience Wellbox, the CCM Solution guaranteed to increase your revenue through better care, engagement, and quality of outcomes for your patients."
— Brian C. Moraes, M.D.
Internal Medicine

The Wellbox Solution

At the heart of Wellbox is our care coordination call center of trained and certified medical assistants.
Our team helps you:


Provide a complete care coordination cycle through designated medical assistants who take the time to understand your practice and your patients, developing meaningful relationships and becoming an extension of your practice.


Successfully carry out care plans by monitoring and ensuring your Medicare patients are following your recommendations, reinforcing your goal of providing the highest level of care.


Process all completed enrollment forms, allowing you to concentrate on your patients rather than completing paperwork.

Document brief notes in your EHR to ensure you know what is going on with your patient, and have a chance to sign off on the work.


Stay on top of your patient’s health by receiving calls for all high priority issues.


Eliminate the need to hire and train new staff thanks to your designated care coordinator.


Meet MACRA and MIPS quality measures such as expanded practice access, population management, care coordination, beneficiary engagement, patient safety and practice assessment and more.

Augmented patient care. Increased revenue. Zero hassle.

You can even keep your current EHR!

New revenue from CCM could meaningfully change your bottom line. The Wellbox solution provides an all-inclusive tracking and billing method for the new Chronic Care Management 99490 code. Simplicity at your fingertips.

"When Medicare first announced code 99490 for chronic care management, we realized the value of this extended care program. We knew it would be difficult to support within our office and were excited to partner with Wellbox who made the process easy and are providing an excellent clinical outreach to our patients."
— Dr. Sheryl Wissman
The Glennan Medical Group, P.C.

You can provide CCM yourself,
but Wellbox makes it simple and hassle free!

Do CCM with us!
Simple. Revenue generating. Practice approved.

Establishing and doing CCM requires significant time and resource commitment before, during and after setup for practices. When they understand the impact, most practices see the value in outsourcing CCM to Wellbox. Not only do patients benefit, but our CCM solution fits seamlessly into how your practice works today, allowing you to start increasing your revenue almost immediately. No need to hire new staff!

Whitepaper: The Case for Outsourcing Chronic Care Management

This whitepaper discusses how to achieve the best ROI for implementing a CCM program and why you should outsource the process to a third party.

Download the Whitepaper

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You’ve always provided great care for your patients
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15% of typical patient panels qualify for the CCM program
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Each patient can be enrolled in a CCM program by only one physician or specialist
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CCM is a complex program to start and sustain
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