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Learn more about important programs such as Chronic Care Management, Annual Wellness Visits and Telemedicine. These services can not only benefit your practice and your patients, but also help you fully participate in MIPS and increase your revenue.

New Options in Chronic Care Management

The Chronic Care Management (CCM) program created by CMS has been designed to encourage and pay for the ongoing patient communication essential to effective management of chronic diseases. Until now practices did their best to stay in contact with their chronically ill patients outside of the office visit without compensation.

This whitepaper discusses why the CCM program was created, which patients qualify for the program and its benefits to patients and physician practices.

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The Case for Outsourcing Chronic Care Management

Return On Investment studies have shown that Chronic Care Management (CCM) provided by nurses and CMAs provides the best return. However, substantial time and money are required for practices to implement a CCM program on their own. Off-site teams minimize required investment while maintaining desired quality of care.

This whitepaper discusses how to achieve the best ROI for implementing a CCM program and why you should outsource the process to a third party.

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Understanding the Benefits of Annual Wellness Visits

Effortlessly expand your care offerings, increase your revenue and meet MIPS categories by offering your patients Annual Wellness Visits.

This whitepaper discusses how to implement Annual Wellness Visits and how you and your patients can fully benefit from them.

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Telemedicine: Catering to the “Convenience of Now” Era

See how telemedicine has gone from a legacy software to a technology-enabled service.

By outsourcing this service, you will easily increase your scope of care and your patients will benefit from remote care, with their own provider, when they need it.

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