Telemedicine Resources

Telemedicine Resources

Through an easy to use virtual clinic, Telemedicine Services offer physicians and patients a value-based platform that increases access to care, decreases health costs, and generates additional revenue.


Telemedicine: Catering to the “Convenience of Now” Era

See how telemedicine has gone from a legacy software to a technology-enabled service.

By outsourcing this service, you will easily increase your scope of care and your patients will benefit from remote care, with their own provider, when they need it.

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Meeting MACRA and MIPS Requirements Through Health Services

Through health services such as Telemedicine, physicians and practices can easily meet many MIPS categories and measures. By outsourcing these services, they can also add revenue and eliminate the need to change their current workflow.

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Latest Telemedicine Blog Posts

See how telemedicine has evolved over the years to cater to today’s population and how it can seamlessly fit into your workflow, providing countless benefits to you, your practice and your patients.
Telemedicine: From Legacy Software to Technology-Enabled Services
The focus of telemedicine has shifted over the years. What was once all about HOW medical professionals reached their patients has now moved on to WHAT they are communicating to...

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Mental Health Awareness Month: Telehealth for Behavioral Health
Interest in telehealth’s varied applications remains as strong as ever, and increasing evidence shows that one particular area–behavioral health–could be ripe for virtual...

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Closing Access Care Gaps: Telemedicine as a Solution
Healthcare is an industry built on constant improval, as each year brings new tools and technologies meant to solve the latest medical mystery or clinical challenge. However, for...

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