Chronic Care Management Resources

Chronic Care Management Resources

CCM services offer physicians and practices with a revenue generating service that aims to provide patients with the tools and resources to feel more in control of their health.


New Options in Chronic Care Management

The Chronic Care Management (CCM) program created by CMS has been designed to encourage and pay for the ongoing patient communication essential to effective management of chronic diseases. Until now practices did their best to stay in contact with their chronically ill patients outside of the office visit without compensation.

This whitepaper discusses why the CCM program was created, which patients qualify for the program and its benefits to patients and physician practices.

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The Case for Outsourcing Chronic Care Management

Return On Investment studies have shown that Chronic Care Management (CCM) provided by nurses and CMAs provides the best return. However, substantial time and money are required for practices to implement a CCM program on their own. Off-site teams minimize required investment while maintaining desired quality of care.

This whitepaper discusses how to achieve the best ROI for implementing a CCM program and why you should outsource the process to a third party.

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Meeting MACRA and MIPS Requirements Through Health Services

Through health services such as CCM, physicians and practices can easily meet many MIPS categories and measures. By outsourcing these services, they can also add revenue and eliminate the need to change their current workflow.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Chronic Care Management

The Wellbox Chronic Care Management program provides an all-inclusive method for providing, tracking and billing CCM services.

CCM FAQ for Providers   CCM FAQ for Patients

ROI Tool

CCM Revenue Calculator

With more than 60% of Medicare patients having 2 or more chronic conditions, practices can add substantial revenue to their bottom line.

This revenue calculator allows you to estimate the annual gross revenue for physicians in your practice.

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Chronic Care Management Infographic

The following infographic depicts Medicare’s CCM program as well as the potential revenue a practice can make each year by outsourcing Chronic Care Management.

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Webinar - Adding Chronic Care Management: What Does it Mean for Your Practice?

The Chronic Care Management (CCM) webinar hosted by Wellbox features the experience of internists Peter Weigel, M.D. who introduced CCM to his practice.

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Chronic Care Management Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it, see what our doctors are saying about CCM and how Wellbox is a great solution for them.

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