Testimonials: Chronic Care Management

CCM Testimonials

CCM Testimonials

Wellbox is an outsourced, all-inclusive solution for reaching your qualified patients, tracking their progress and billing for the new Chronic Care Management code.

We help you finally get reimbursed for the chronic care you’ve always provided.

Don’t take our word for it, see what our doctors are saying about this great solution.

“Our patients who have enrolled in CCM are notably more engaged in thinking about their diseases and how they can proactively work with us to address them. They are much less inclined to sit on the sidelines and passively receive medical care. Patients appreciate the monthly phone call and extra services now available to them.”
— Dr. Peter Weigel
Medical Associates of Westfield - Westfield, NJ
Dr. Peter Weigel
“Many providers struggle to balance the 24/7 needs of chronically ill patients within the huge scope of their duties, unable to devote staff to the full-time job of communicating with and creating care plans for these patients outside of face-to-face office visits.”
— Michelle Li, MD
Internal Medicine
Michelle Li, MD
“Patients managing two or more chronic conditions appreciate the increased monitoring and attention, especially when they learn the monthly phone calls are covered by Medicare – most patients won’t even have a co-pay.”
— Dr. Suresh Nair
Nair Internal Medicine - Louisville, KY
Dr. Suresh Nair
“The registered nurses staffing the Wellbox Call Center are capable, compassionate professionals and serve as an extension of the care our patients have come to expect from our practice.”
— Dr. Robert Yerrington
Well-Power Health Center - San Antonio, TX
Dr. Robert Yerrington
“When Medicare first announced code 99490 for chronic care management, we realized the value of this extended care program. We knew it would be difficult to support within our office and were excited to partner with Wellbox who made the process easy and are providing an excellent clinical outreach to our patients.”
— Dr. Sheryl Wissman
The Glennan Medical Group, P.C. - Oxford, MI
Dr. Sheryl Wissman
“Wellbox is the all-in-one solution that increased my revenue through better care, engagement, and quality of outcomes for my patients.”
— Elizabeth J Beautyman, M.D.
Internal Medicine & Hematology
Dr. Elizabeth Beautyman