CCM Calculator

CCM Revenue Calculator

CCM Revenue Calculator

With more than 60% of Medicare patients having 2 or more chronic conditions, practices can add substantial revenue to their bottom line.

This revenue calculator allows you to estimate the annual net revenue for physicians in your practice.

What Does Your Practice Look Like?

Annual number of unique Medicare patients

Avg. number of patients with 2+ chronic conditions enrolled in CCM program1

Monthly Reach Rate

CCM monthly payment: U.S. average2 or select your locality

Estimated annual net revenue for physician3

1 - - County Level Multiple Chronic Conditions (MCC) Table: 2012 Prevalence, National Average.

2 - Reimbursement amount from the CY 2015 Physician Fee Service Final Rule, October 31, 2014, averaged across 89 localities.

3 - Reimbursement calculation from the CY 2015 Physician Fee Service Final Rule; assumes 100% of unique patients are covered by Medicare A/B. Medicare. Advantage reimbursement may vary.