Testimonials: Annual Wellness Visits

AWV Testimonials

AWV Testimonials

Wellbox is an outsourced, all-inclusive solution for reaching your qualified patients, tracking their progress and billing for Annual Wellness Visits.

See why doctors are providing preventive services that free up their time, allow for closer ties to their patients and increases their bottom line.

Don’t take our word for it, see what our doctors are saying about this great solution.

“We really do care for our patients, but sometimes we feel like we are treating conditions and not people. Time out, that’s what we really need. Time to assess a patient’s overall health, trends, risks and all those little things that haven’t lead to a visit that could add up to a real problem.
We tried providing Annual Wellness Visits on our own, but it was hard on our practice, just not enough time. Wellbox does it all for us, yet we keep all the benefits.”
— Dr. Roy Springer, Center for Family Health - San Diego, CA
Dr. Roy Springer