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Webinar: Leveraging Virtual Care to Support Diabetic Populations

Interested in adopting virtual care within your practice? Introducing it to your diabetic population could be especially beneficial.

How? Solutions focused on offering personalized preventative care, consistent monitoring, and autonomy support can lead to improved diabetes care management.

By offering patients the support and resources they need to navigate this condition, it can lead to positive outcomes including lower healthcare costs and improved patient engagement.

In fact, studies show that virtual care can create collaborative experiences among patients’ care teams by implementing comprehensive and coordinated diabetes care. This can then lead to improved care quality for this population.

We invite you to watch this recorded webinar about Leveraging Virtual Care to Support Diabetic Populations.

This webinar features our guest host, Eliot Diamond, Vice President of Population Health Solutions and it will discuss the advantages of virtual care and how it can most benefit your diabetic Medicare population. These benefits include:

  • Fostering patient engagement and increasing satisfaction
  • Providing education and support to patients on lifestyle changes
  • Increasing visibility into population health in-between visits with consistent monitoring