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Podcast: Driving Engagement and Clinical Results for Cardiology Patients

You’re invited to listen in on our podcast: Driving Engagement and Clinical Results for Cardiology Patients.

“What virtual care has the opportunity to do, if it’s done right, is make engaging with care easier. The easier it is, the longer people will stay engaged and subsequently, the better clinical outcomes we will see,” said Cole Naldzin, Senior Director of Engagement at Wellbox.

This is especially true as it concerns people living with cardiovascular disease.

With nearly half of American adults living with at least one heart condition, pairing a healthier lifestyle with access to good healthcare has never been more prevalent.

Virtual care can bridge the gap.

Listen to our podcast to hear how virtual care can:

  • Be a game-changer in breaking down significant barriers to care.
  • Motivate patients and improve heart health outcomes.
  • Impact patients, providers, and the healthcare system.

Additional Resource: Improving Heart Health with Virtual Care Whitepaper

Interested in how virtual care addresses the prevalence of heart disease in America? Check out the latest episode.