Telemedicine for Patients

Telemdicine for Patients

The Wellbox Telemedicine Services increase access to care and allow patients to have closer ties to their doctors. With easy appointment scheduling and flexible appointment hours that can be taken from anywhere, patients can take part in cost-effective virtual visits that suit their needs.

Connect With Your Doctor at the Touch of a Button

Access the virtual medical center on an easy-to-use platform

Improve access to care

Connect where and when it is convenient for you

Reduce need to go to the ER

Reduce the need to go to the ER and your wait time significantly

Decreased Health Cost

Benefit from Medicare reimbursements

The Convenience of Now

Schedule an appointment in minutes
What used to take days for scheduled appointment lead-time now takes an average of 10 minutes with telemedicine services! Easy to do, quick and convenient.

Easily sign in to your virtual medical visit
Pick up your device from anywhere, call in and wait for your doctor to connect.
Spend 15 minutes on your virtual visit. Start to finish!

“What I really love about the Wellbox Telemedicine Services is how convenient it is for my patients. They just pick up their device from anywhere, call in and wait for me to connect. It’s quick, easy and provides a better experience for them.”
— Dr. Peter Weigel. Westfield, NJ

Video Visits Are Gaining Interest

Many patients are switching providers to ones that offer telemedicine. Your doctor wants to make sure you have access to the best care that fits your lifestyle.