Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management for Patients

Chronic Care Management: Care Coordinator on phone with patient

The Wellbox Chronic Care Management Services provide you with a dedicated Care Coordinator assigned by your practice that gets to know you, develops a care plan with you and your doctor and contacts you every month to follow up on your care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Improving Your Health with a Priority on Prevention and Wellness

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Communicate with someone you know every month that closely monitors your health

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Take the time to understand your care plan and ask as many questions as you like

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Get to know the tools and resources available to you

Obtain this service for free with Medicare and supp insurance

Wellbox Patients Know We Value Their Feedback

In partnership with your doctor, we continuously tweak our program to fit your needs and lifestyle.
More services are now being offered to:

   Help with medication costs

   Ensure you are taking full advantage of the services Medicare covers

   Save you valuable time when a phone call is not needed

Various Communication Methods Are Used:

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Your Dedicated Chronic Care Coordinator

Wellbox Chronic Care Coordinator - Registered Nurse

The Wellbox Registered Nurses get to know you as a person and how your chronic conditions affect you, ensuring your doctor is given all important information. They want to ensure you have everything you need to manage your chronic conditions by researching tools and resources that can help you and communicate them to you on a monthly basis.

Wellbox even provides Complex Chronic Care Management, ensuring the proper care and resources are always given to you according to your health needs.

“I believe that they have been very useful in helping to better coordinate my care. In particular, I enjoy being asked how my medical conditions are progressing, as well as how the calls give me the opportunity to express any concerns or thoughts regarding my conditions. I appreciate that the chronic care coordinator takes the time to speak with me and reports everything directly back to my PCP.”
— Patricia, CCM Patient for 9 months

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chronic Care Management?

Chronic Care Management is a program that was approved by Medicare and created to assist patients with two or more chronic conditions. The goals of the program are to:

  • Help enhance the care and treatment you are receiving, increasing your overall wellness
  • Help improve your day-to-day wellness through communication with an assigned Chronic Care Coordinator
  • Create health goals and track your progress on the important care plan items we order
  • Closely monitor how you are feeling and determine if we need to make any changes to your care
Why am I told about this new program?

This program is a new service your provider have added to the care they currently provide their patients.
Based on your current chronic conditions, you are eligible to receive this service and we want to ensure that you are enrolled immediately.

Will this program cost me any money?

Enrolling in this program comes at no cost to you. These Chronic Care Management services are subject to the usual Medicare deductible and coinsurance applied to regular physician services. Patients with supplemental policies generally DO NOT have to pay out of pocket for co-pays. If a co-pay is required, it is usually about $8 per month.

How does the Chronic Care Management Program work?

Wellbox is a service available through your provider which is a monthly program. Each month, a Wellbox Chronic Care Coordinator will contact you through a phone call or direct mailing.

Each month, a Chronic Care Coordinator from Wellbox will contact you. This “non-face-to-face care” may include phone calls, mailing or other forms of communication.

The Chronic Care Coordinators are an extension of your provider's office and they work on behalf of the provider. All personal information is strictly confidential. The Chronic Care Management team is held to the exact same HIPAA standards that your provider is held to.

Each month, the Chronic Care Coordinator from Wellbox will:

  • Perform a basic review of how you are doing
  • Review any medications, new or existing, that you take
  • Review any health goals assigned by your provider or created by you and encourage your progress
  • Assist with locating any necessary information on additional services that you may need such as prescription assistance, transportation assistance, and dietary needs
  • Schedule appointments with the practice, if needed
  • Work with any specialists that you may be visiting so all of your providers are on the same page
When can I talk with Wellbox staff?

Wellbox is available to you during standard business hours with after hours voicemail support. We will also schedule regular check-ins to make sure you are getting timely access to care management. The goal is to create better communication and more personalized attention.

What are the benefits of the Chronic Care Management (CCM) Program?
  • Personalized attention by your Chronic Care Coordinator each month
  • Better and faster access to your provider without having to come into the office
  • A direct line of communication between you and your provider via the Chronic Care Coordinator
  • Consistent help and encouragement with any and all health goals you may have

Since the Chronic Care Coordinators will be contacting you every month for these consultations, you may find that you will not need to leave home to visit your provider office as often

What about my other providers, how do they fit into Wellbox?

One of the benefits of Wellbox is improved coordination of your care between your primary physician and other providers. These may include specialists, such as cardiologists or endocrinologists; hospitals or other healthcare facilities where you have received care; home-care providers, and others. With Wellbox, your primary physician communicates more easily and thoroughly with all your other providers.

How do I enroll?

It’s easy! During your office visit with your provider, simply let them know that you are interested in signing up for the Wellbox Chronic Care Management program. Keep in mind, only one of your providers can enroll you in this program at a time.

After enrolling, the Wellbox team will get to work reviewing your medical record, care plan and medications. Of course, you can opt out any time, but we expect you will be fully satisfied with this addition to your care.

Our goals are to provide you with the best care possible, to keep you well and to minimize costs and inconvenience to you due to unnecessary visits to providers, emergency rooms or hospitals.

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