Annual Wellness Visits

Annual Wellness Visits for Patients

Annual Wellness Visists: Nurse and patient

With annual doctor visits being quite short, some patients need more time to fully address what is going on with their health and if they are at risk for any illnesses or other.

This is why Wellbox Annual Wellness Visits Services focus on prevention rather than intervention. They are detailed assessments of your current health and risk factors, followed by counseling to help you reduce your risks if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Focus on Prevention Rather Than Intervention

AWV Billing handled

Are completely free for patients

icon care plans

Include a Personalized Plan of Preventive Services and when to receive them

Health risk reduction counseling and preventive services reviewing for the upcoming year

Center around coaching you in reducing potential health risks

icon trained care professionals

Do not include a physical exam

A Treatment Plan That Fully Addresses Your Needs

Gives you time to take an in-depth look at how well your current treatment plan is progressing and address any issues that may have come up.

Unparalleled opportunity for you to raise any concerns, if needed, about where you need more care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Annual Wellness Visits similar to annual physical exams?

No. Annual Wellness Visits are a question-based assessment and do not involve a head-to-toe examination.

Who is eligible for an Annual Wellness Visit?

Annual Wellness Visits are open to all patients with Medicare. A patient is eligible for an Annual Wellness Visit if he or she has had Medicare Part B insurance for more than 12 months and has not received an initial preventive physical exam or AWV in the last 12 months.

Will this program cost me any money?

Enrolling in this program comes at no cost to you. Medicare Part B insurance and most Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans cover it 100%.

How is this program connected to my regular doctor?

Annual Wellness Visits are performed in your doctor’s office and all follow-ups are completed by your usual physician.

What will the duration of the visit be?

Annual Wellness Visits typically last 30 minutes, depending on your questions and nurse concerns.

What can I expect during my Annual Wellness Visit?

The visit is composed of questions to assess your current state of health, including any symptoms or conditions you are managing, and to determine what type of follow-up care and preventive health visits (such as colonoscopies, mammograms, prostate exams, bone density scans, immunizations, and blood tests) you might need throughout the year in order to ensure that you are receiving the best possible care. You should expect to leave with instructions on how to reduce potential risks to your health as well as a calendar of which preventive health services are appropriate for you and when you will need to receive them.

What are the benefits of the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) Program?

Most visits are focused on an existing problem or issue, where the provider is focused on completing that comprehensive exam. This primarily question-based assessment is specifically focused around determining if your current treatment plan is fully addressing your needs, if there are any symptoms or concerns you are experiencing that have not been addressed, and making sure that the nurse is properly surveying them to ensure that any potential new concerns are addressed early. Many patients feel that they can visit the doctor several times and still have things fall through the cracks. This is an opportunity to pause and assess that everything is being fully managed, and to bring issues to your doctor’s attention that may require further follow-up.