July 18, 2017 | Heat Stress Awareness Month

During the month of July, the Chronic Care Coordinators have been informing your patients about Heat Stress. The CCCs discuss the signs and symptoms of heat stroke and heat exhaustion to prepare your patients for the summer heat.

We touch base on the importance of protecting oneself from heat related stress. Heat stress is very common in elderly people and we want to make sure your patients are aware of the signs and symptoms when undergoing heat stress.

We urge all patients to prepare themselves for the heat by drinking cool, non-alcoholic beverages as well as rest, take a cool shower/bath/or sponge bath, seek an air-conditioned environment, wear lightweight clothing, remain indoors in the heat of the day and do not engage in strenuous activities. Wellbox urges the severity of issues heat stress can cause and wants to help prevent your patients from any harm the warm weather may induce.