Wellbox Patient Stories: Highlighting CCM’s Effectiveness

For this week’s blog post, we decided to spotlight two patient stories where CCM made an actionable difference in an individual’s health and overall wellbeing.

These testimonials come directly from our Wellbox Call Center in Jacksonville, Florida, where our care coordinators strive every day to help individuals with chronic conditions lead happier and more stress-free lives.

Assisting with Allergies: Recently, a care coordinator was speaking with their female CCM patient and realized the individual was having a hard time breathing during the phone call. The patient blamed the affected breathing on allergies, and after further discussion, shared she was not using any respiratory equipment or medication.

After more investigation, the care coordinator learned the patient had recently been diagnosed with anxiety and costochondritis– an inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the breastbone. From there, our Wellbox care coordinator reached out to both the primary-care physician and specialist to make them aware of her condition and worsened symptoms.

The care coordinator then scheduled an appointment with the patient’s ENT to get her allergies under control. One-month post-CCM call, the patient is doing better and has an improved handle on her conditions.

Ensuring Timely Care: In our second case, a care coordinator discussed how a male patient was feeling during their monthly CCM touch point. The patient shared he had felt “really depressed” lately, and did not think he could wait until his upcoming in-person check-up in September.

To help, our Wellbox care coordinator immediately contacted the primary-care office and was able to get him an appointment on Friday of the same week. When the care coordinator followed up with the patient confirming the date and time of the visit, he shared his overwhelming gratitude because he did not even realize the phone calls could be used in this manner.

For those of us at Wellbox, these types of stories make our jobs worth it. It is Wellbox’s goal to benefit patients and their primary-care providers, and testimonials such as these reinforce the notion that our services help ensure clinical excellence for all parties.

In the words of one of our care coordinators:

“This is my reason for becoming a CMA, to help.”

About the Author

Patrick Stevenson is the Care Management Services Officer for Wellbox, the all-inclusive solution for tracking and billing for Chronic Care Management and Annual Wellness Visits, as well as offering in-demand Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring services.

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