April 13, 2018 | Alcohol Awareness Month

Introducing the “Monthly Awareness Issue”

Each month, we will be discussing important chronic diseases in an effort to educate patients and provide them with available resources.

April is Alcohol Awareness Month

With a focus on prevention, intervention and treatment of various chronic conditions, April allows us to focus on alcoholism, and alcohol-related issues.

Alcohol dependence is a chronic medical condition that includes a current or past history of excessive drinking, a strong craving for alcohol, continued use despite repeated problems with drinking and an inability to control alcohol consumption.

Like many other aspects of healthy living, such as diet and exercise, alcohol consumption is something that patients should regularly discuss with their healthcare provider. This way, if choosing to consume alcohol, doctors can ensure patients are doing so safely and in a way that does not cause damage to their health.

As part of our effort to continually improve all aspects of a patient’s health, we conduct alcohol screenings for all patients enrolled in our Chronic Care Management services through their doctor. We want to ensure that high quality treatment is available for patients that have an alcohol dependence, so that it does not result in a serious medical problem in the long run.

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